Senior High



The episode opens with Sky (Andrea Brillantes) still reeling from the revelation that her mother, Tanya (Iza Calzado), is alive. She confronts her father, Arthur (Adrian Alandy), about why he kept this a secret from her. Arthur explains that he wanted to protect Sky from the truth, but she is angry and hurt that he lied to her.

Meanwhile, Tanya is trying to adjust to her new life back in the Philippines. She is still struggling with her mental health, but she is determined to make amends with Sky. She reaches out to her daughter, but Sky is not ready to forgive her.

At Northford High, the students are preparing for the upcoming school fair. Sky is still struggling with her feelings about her mother, but she is trying to focus on her studies and her friends.

The episode ends with Sky and Tanya finally having a heart-to-heart conversation. Tanya apologizes for everything that she has done, and Sky begins to understand why her mother made the choices that she did. They hug, and it seems like they are finally starting to repair their relationship.


Senior High is a Filipino coming-of-age drama series that follows the lives of a group of teenagers as they navigate the challenges of high school, family, and relationships. The series tackles a variety of issues, including mental health, social media, and bullying.


  • Andrea Brillantes as Sky
  • Seth Fedelin as Gino
  • Darren Espanto as Rafael
  • AC Bonifacio as Elle
  • Nio Tria as Josh
  • Awra Briguela as Miles
  • Danica Ontengco as Macy
  • Vivoree Esclito as Yasmin
  • Jimuel Pacquiao as Pio
  • Igi Boy Flores as Lucas
  • Adrian Alandy as Arthur
  • Iza Calzado as Tanya
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