Recap of Filipino Series SENIOR HIGH NOVEMBER 1 2023 REPLAY EPISODE with Synopsis and Cast


Senior High is a Philippine television drama series broadcast by ABS-CBN. It premiered on November 14, 2022, and aired every weekday afternoon until August 4, 2023, replacing Kadenang Ginto. It was replaced by 2 Good 2 Be True on August 8, 2023.

The series follows the lives of a group of senior high school students as they navigate the challenges of adolescence, love, and friendship. The main characters include:

  • Zairah “Z” Monteverde (Andrea Brillantes): A bright and ambitious student who is determined to succeed in school.
  • Ricko “King” Mendoza (Kyle Echarri): A popular and talented student who is struggling to find his place in life.
  • Lexi Dizon (Francine Diaz): A kind and compassionate student who is always there for her friends.
  • Justin Villareal (Seth Fedelin): A shy and introverted student who is secretly in love with Lexi.

Episode 48 Recap

In the November 1, 2023 episode of Senior High, Z is devastated to learn that Luna is pregnant. She confronts Luna and demands to know who the father is, but Luna refuses to tell her. Z later learns that the father is Ricko, and she is heartbroken.

Ricko is also struggling to cope with the news of Luna’s pregnancy. He feels guilty for hurting Z, and he is worried about the future of his relationship with Luna.

Lexi is trying to be supportive of both Z and Ricko, but she is also struggling to deal with her own feelings. She is in love with Justin, but she knows that he is still in love with Z.


Justin is also struggling to deal with his feelings. He is still in love with Z, but he knows that he needs to let her go. He is also worried about Lexi, and he wants to be there for her.


  • Andrea Brillantes as Zairah “Z” Monteverde
  • Kyle Echarri as Ricko “King” Mendoza
  • Francine Diaz as Lexi Dizon
  • Seth Fedelin as Justin Villareal
  • Awra Briguela as Roxanne “Roxy” Gonzales
  • Vivoree Esclito as Luna Velasco
  • Rhys Miguel as Archie Buenavista
  • Anthony Jennings as Sky Buenavista
  • Karl Gabriel as Kiko Monteverde
  • Almira Muhlach as Lorraine Monteverde
  • John Vincent Servilla as Daniel Mendoza
  • Aiko Melendez as Marissa Mendoza
  • Joross Gamboa as Dennis Dizon
  • Ces Quesada as Olivia Dizon
  • Joem Bascon as Andrew Villareal
  • Ylona Garcia as Beatriz Villareal

Other notable cast members:

  • Elijah Canlas
  • JK Labajo
  • Kaye Abad
  • Matt Evans
  • Niana Guerrero
  • KD Estrada
  • Francine Banag
  • Yves Flores
  • Rhys Eugenio
  • Eian Rances
  • Luke Conde
  • Jaden Laborte
  • Kyla Alburo
  • Danica Ontengco
  • Yumi Lacsamana
  • JC Alcantara
  • Ethan David
  • Gillian Vicencio
  • Vince Marasigan
  • Ogie Diaz
  • Nikki Valdez
  • Jacqui Louisse
  • Jamir Zabarte
  • Mark Oblea
  • Gigi de Lana
  • Chad Kinis
  • Micah Gamos
  • Kyle Velino
  • Vince Crisostomo
  • Lance Carr
  • Rhys Eugenio

Senior High was a critical and commercial success, and it was one of the highest-rated television series in the Philippines in 2022 and 2023. It was praised for its realistic portrayal of adolescence, its strong characters, and its relatable storylines.

Senior High November 1 2023

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