Magandang Dilag October 11 2023



Magandang Dilag is a Filipino comedy-drama series that follows the story of a beautiful and kind-hearted woman named Olivia (Bea Alonzo), who is forced to marry a wealthy and powerful man named Gregorio (John Lloyd Cruz) in order to save her family from bankruptcy. However, Olivia soon discovers that Gregorio is a ruthless and abusive husband. She is determined to escape from his clutches, but she must first find a way to protect her family from his wrath.


  • Bea Alonzo as Olivia
  • John Lloyd Cruz as Gregorio
  • Julia Montes as Isabella
  • Enrique Gil as David
  • Ronaldo Valdez as Don Miguel
  • Cherie Gil as Doña Teresa
  • Ian Veneracion as Diego
  • Angel Aquino as Sandra
  • Sunshine Dizon as Vanessa
  • Maricar Reyes as Bianca
  • Patrick Garcia as Marco
  • Jairus Aquino as Miguelito

Recap of October 11, 2023 Replay Episode

In the October 11, 2023 replay episode of Magandang Dilag, Olivia is finally able to escape from Gregorio’s clutches. She flees to a remote town with her young son, Miguelito, and begins to rebuild her life. However, Gregorio is determined to find Olivia and bring her back, and he hires a private investigator to track her down.

Olivia eventually finds a job as a teacher in the town, and she begins to make new friends. She also falls in love with a local doctor named David. However, Gregorio’s private investigator eventually finds Olivia, and he informs Gregorio of her whereabouts.

Gregorio travels to the town and confronts Olivia. He tries to convince her to return to him, but she refuses. Gregorio becomes enraged and threatens to kill Olivia and Miguelito. However, David arrives and intervenes. He fights Gregorio, and Olivia manages to escape with Miguelito.


Olivia and Miguelito flee to a nearby forest, where they are chased by Gregorio. However, Olivia is able to outsmart Gregorio, and he is eventually captured by the police. Olivia and Miguelito are finally safe, and they are able to start their new life together.


Magandang Dilag explores themes of love, loss, resilience, and the power of hope. It is a story about a woman who overcomes incredible adversity to find true love and happiness.

Magandang Dilag October 11 2023

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