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Job Opportunities in Canada

Job Opportunities in Canada


There are three distinct types of employment and travel opportunities available:

Working Vacation

This section applies to you if

You do not have a job offer and you wish to work for many Canadian employers.
You would want to work in many locations and make money so that you may travel.
Working Holiday work authorization is an open work authorization. This allows you to work for virtually any Canadian business (some exceptions apply).

Some occupations need a medical exam as a prerequisite.

Young Specialists

This section applies to you if

You have been offered a position in Canada that will contribute to your professional development.
During your stay in Canada, you will continue to work for the same employer at the same location.
Under this classification, work must be

remunerated and not self-employed
In the Young Professionals category, you are eligible for an employer-specific work visa.

Your employer must comply with all labor laws in the province or territory in where you intend to work, including minimum wage regulations.

Classification nationale des métiers de 2021
We transitioned to the 2021 edition of the National Occupational Classification on November 16, 2022. (NOC).

The proposed position must contribute to your “professional growth.” To qualify, the work must fall under Training, Education, Experience, and Responsibilities (TEER) category 0, 1, 2, or 3 of the National Occupational Classification.

A TEER 4 job in your subject of study may qualify. When applying, you must present your post-secondary credentials.

diploma certificate or degree

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It must be translated into either French or English.

International Cooperative (Internship)
This section applies to you if

You are enrolled in a postsecondary school. You have an offer for a work placement or internship in Canada. You need to complete this work placement or internship to graduate.
During your stay in Canada, you will continue to work for the same employer at the same location.
In the International Co-op (Internship) category, you will receive an employer-specific work visa. The Canadian internship you are given must be closely related to your topic of study.

Wages and labor standards must comply with the province or territory’s or nation’s labor laws. The provincial or territorial labor code will determine whether an internship must be compensated.

You may be eligible to apply to one or more of these 3 categories if you are a citizen of a partner nation.

You may still be able to apply to IEC through a recognized organization if you are not a citizen of a partner nation.

IEC Walking Instructions

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This video provides an overview of the application process for International Experience Canada and typical pitfalls to avoid.

Before submitting an application, confirm your eligibility.

A young person chooses Australia from a drop-down menu and is then presented with a second menu including the three International Experience Canada categories: Working Holiday, Young Professionals, and International Co-op (Internship).

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Who can Apply?

To participate

  • Your home country or territory must have a Youth Mobility Agreement with Canada, or
  • You may use a registered organization.

Some countries permit participation just once. Others permit double participation, albeit in separate categories. Because each country is unique, it is essential to determine if you are eligible to apply.

Even if you are invited to apply, you cannot participate more times than your nation permits. After submitting your application, a member of staff will evaluate your eligibility, including your involvement history. Ensure that you have read and comprehended all prerequisites before submitting an application.

Even if you possess a refugee travel document issued by a nation having a youth mobility agreement with Canada, you are not eligible.



Your dependents are not permitted to accompany you to Canada under the IEC program. They may however apply to visit, study, or work in Canada. We will evaluate your application independently of theirs.

International Experience Canada: How the pools work

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Your profile will typically remain in the pool until:

  • You are invited to submit an application for a work permit.
  • We remove all profiles from the pool(s) at the conclusion of the season or at the end of the year.
  • you’re no longer eligible for IEC

Throughout the IEC season, we will routinely issue invitations to applicants in the IEC pools. Check the itinerary to determine:

  • when the rounds of invitations will begin and end for each country and category
  • the amount of applicants in the candidate pools and
  • the likelihood of receiving an invitation this season

During the IEC season, you can submit a profile at any time. You may obtain an Invitation to Apply for a Work Permit if you submit your profile before the deadline for the final round of invitations for your country.

One IEC profile in many pools

There can be only one IEC profile at any given moment. However, eligibility for more than one IEC pool is possible.

When you finish your profile, we will inform you of the available pools. You may submit your profile to any of the following pools. You may be eligible to submit your profile to the Working Holiday and Young Professionals pools, for instance.

How we dispense Opportunities to Apply

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Invitations to Apply are distributed as follows:

  1. International Co-op (Internship)
  2. Working Holiday
  3. Young Professionals

If your profile is in both the International Co-op (Internship) pool and the Working Holiday pool, you will receive an Invitation to Apply for International Co-op. You will only receive an Invitation to Apply for a Working Holiday work permit if the International Co-op (Internship) category is filled to capacity.

Prepare your supporting documentation

If you receive an Invitation to Apply, you won’t immediately obtain a work permit.

To obtain a work permit, you must:

  • present confirmation of the information you provided in your IEC profile,
  • provide further information about your education, work experience, and background,
  • and any other possible supporting documentation when needed.

If you are in an IEC pool, you should begin gathering any supporting documentation that may be required for a work visa application. Obtaining some paperwork may take several months. You may get an Invitation to Apply at any moment, and you will have a limited amount of time to submit your work permit application and supporting documentation.

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How to become a candidate

This is a procedure in which you:

Answer a few questions to determine if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Create a free IEC profile online if you qualify.

We will use your responses to determine your eligibility for a pool in one or more IEC categories.

  • International Cooperative (Internship)
  • Working Vacation
  • Young Specialists

There is only one candidate pool per country and per category.

You are permitted to submit your profile to one or more of these pools. Candidates in the pools must be invited to submit a work permit application.

Step 1: Answer some questions

Use our questionnaire to determine if you meet the IEC pool eligibility requirements. It will take approximately ten minutes. It will inquire as to your:

nation of citizenship
permanent residence nation (where you live permanently)

  • country of domicile (where you live now)
  • student status (if this applies to you)
  • job opening (if this applies to you)

Your country of permanent residence is the location of your permanent address. For instance, if you are a Mexican student in Canada, Mexico is your permanent country of residence.

To respond to the questionnaire, you have two choices:

Sign in and choose “International Experience Canada”
Determine your eligibility without signing in.
If you are unsure of your eligibility or do not have an account, you can determine your eligibility without signing in.

Step 2: Complete your online IEC profile

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If your IEC profile is approved, you can complete and submit it online.

Follow these steps if you checked your eligibility without signing in:

  1. Copy or record the personal reference code we provide at the conclusion of the survey (It looks like this: JM1234567890).
  2. Register for an account.
  3. When prompted, enter your personal reference code.

Click “Continue” if you are logged into your account to check your eligibility. There will be no personal reference code provided. You do not require one.

Your responses to the questionnaire will be used to create your profile. To complete your profile, you’ll need your passport. You must also provide details about your:

Identification (full names, date of birth, birthplace, etc.) and contact information

Completing the online forms

Remove any commas between your first and last names (if you have more than one first or last name). For example, use “Julie Louise Marie” if your first name is “Julie, Louise, Marie”.
Use only the English and French alphabets.
If your passport contains letters or characters with accents, use the letter without the accent. For example, use “z” rather than “ź.”

If you wish to complete your profile later, you may do so.

You are free to leave the profile at any time. Your details will be stored.

If you do not complete the IEC profile within 60 days, you will be unable to submit it and will be required to begin the process again.

Watch a complete video guide on how to apply for the Canada work visa

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Third step: submit your profile

When you complete your profile, we will inform you of the available pools. You may submit your profile to any of the following pools.

Before submitting your profile, ensure that you have determined the appropriate category for you.

Important: Submitting an IEC profile does not constitute a work permit application. Applying for a work permit requires an invitation to apply.

If you are invited to apply, your account will be used to:

  • the application for a work permit
  • pay your fees
  • the status of your application can be viewed.

This is the only method for requesting an IEC work permit.

If you receive an ITA

If you receive an ITA and your application for a work permit is approved, you will receive an introduction letter at the port of entry in your account. This letter does not ensure that you will receive the requested materials.

be permitted to enter Canada or obtain a work permit upon arrival
The officer at the border will make a final determination regarding your admission.

Invitations to submit an application

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If you are invited to apply, a message will be sent to your account. The message will detail your category and your subsequent steps.

You have ten days to decide whether or not to accept the invitation. The due date will be included in the invitation. You have 20 days after accepting the invitation to submit an online application for a work permit.

To accept the invitation, you must:

  1.  Go to the section of your account titled “Continue my profile / application, not yet submitted”
  2.  locate the application labeled “Work permit,”
  3.  Click the “Start Application” button.

If you do not respond by the specified deadline, the invitation will be revoked. Before you can be considered for future invitations, you must submit a new IEC profile and be accepted to the pool again if your profile expires.

After accepting your invitation, you must submit an application for a work permit. You will be required to provide evidence of the information provided in your International Experience Canada (IEC) profile. You will also be required to provide additional details regarding your background and the type of work you intend to perform in Canada.

Rejecting an application invitation

If you decline an invitation, you will remain in the IEC candidate pool (as long as you remain eligible) and be considered for future invitation rounds.

If you choose to decline an invitation, it will not affect future invitations in any way.

To refuse an invitation:

  1. Go to the section of your account titled “Continue my profile / application, not yet submitted”
  2. locate the application labeled “Work permit,”
  3. click “Decline application”.

If you do not respond to an invitation by the specified deadline, the invitation will expire. Prior to being considered for future invitations, you must submit a new IEC profile and be accepted into the pool if your profile expires.

Candidates from multiple pools

If you are in multiple pools and receive an Invitation to Apply for one category, you cannot be selected from another pool until the following conditions are met:

  • you do not respond to the Invitation to Apply, or
  • You have submitted an application for a work permit, but your application has been denied.

If you decline the invitation or your application for a work permit is denied, your profile will reactivate and you may receive another Invitation to Apply.

Supporting documentation for your application for a work permit

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If you are accepted into an IEC pool, you should consider preparing your supporting documents, as some of them may take time to prepare (for instance, a police certificate or certificates). We will routinely issue application invitations to candidates in the pool. If you accept an Invitation to Apply, you will only have 20 days to submit your application for a work permit and all supporting documents. If these documents are prepared in advance, it will be easier to submit an application within the 20-day window.

If you are not invited to apply, do not submit an application.

One may remain in an IEC pool:

  • Until all profiles are removed from the pools at the end of the season,
  • until you are no longer eligible for IEC.

Some categories will reach capacity before the end of the season. If this occurs, we will no longer accept profiles for this pool. If your profile is in the applicant pool for a different category, you may still receive an invitation to apply for that category. Withdraw your current profile and submit a new one if you wish to submit a profile to a different pool.

When the pools are closed, you will be notified via your account.

At the conclusion of each season, the pools will be closed for at least two weeks as we prepare for the following year.

If you are still interested in traveling and working in Canada as part of IEC, you must submit a new profile when the next season begins. You will have 60 days to complete the profile after you begin. If you continue to satisfy the minimum entry requirements, you will receive a new IEC profile number. If you do not submit a new profile within 60 days, you will be required to begin again.


You cannot apply for a work visa under International Experience Canada (IEC) unless we invite you to do so (ITA).

Follow these procedures if you’ve accepted an ITA for a work permit.

Ensure that you are aware of the date and time of your deadline.
When you accept your ITA, a mail with your deadline will be sent to your account. You have just 20 days to submit your work permit application after accepting your ITA.

The deadline’s date and time are in synchronized universal time (UTC). This time may differ from your local time.

If you accept your invitation at 7:25 a.m. UTC, you must submit your IEC work permit application no later than 7:25 a.m. UTC 20 days later.

Do not submit your application on the deadline date. The time difference between your local time and UTC might cause you to miss a deadline.

Fill out the online form
You can save the information in the online form and return to it as frequently as necessary before submitting it.

Make sure you:

Answer all questions thoroughly and truthfully.
If we discover that you provided inaccurate information or omitted relevant data, we will deny your application.
You may become disqualified for future entrance into Canada if you do not complete all of the form’s required fields.
You cannot submit your application unless the following fields are filled out.
Leave no time gaps in the employment history and education history sections.
Include all absences, times of unemployment, travel dates, etc.
Include both paid and unpaid employment in your career history.
Click “validate” at the end of each form to ensure that your application has no mistakes or blank fields.
Note: If you are applying for a Working Holiday work visa and are questioned about your employment offer, you must provide this information.

Type “A9999999” in the offer of employment number area and then choose “No” for the Employer Compliance fee inquiry. in the employer address columns, enter “Not Applicable – Working Holiday.”
If your application is experiencing a technical issue, we have some suggestions for you.

After completing the application, the system will prepare a customised document checklist for the applicant. It will display all the supporting papers that must be uploaded.

Obtain all the necessary documentation.
Using your customized checklist, collect all of your paperwork.

Using a scanner or camera, you must be able to create electronic reproductions of your supporting papers.

Once your documents are prepared, upload them to your account’s Document Checklist page.

We may request further documentation after you submit your application. After uploading a file, be sure to complete the next steps. This necessitates an electronic signature and confirmation of the information provided. Your application will not be handled otherwise.

Learn how to submit supplementary documentation.

If you are having technical difficulties submitting documents, please use our online form. Choose International Experience Canada from the “Type of application/inquiry” drop-down box.

If you have not yet submitted an application and are missing a required document, please do so immediately.
Determine what to do if you do not have a required document.

Documents you might require
Evidence of financial backing
When you travel to Canada, you must have proof of financial assistance (such as a bank statement) with you. Officers of the border services may request it upon your arrival.

The statement must be issued within one week of your departure from the United States. It must demonstrate that you have sufficient funds ($2,500 CAD) to maintain yourself for the first three months of your stay in Canada.

If you enter Canada with more than $10,000 in Canadian currency, you must notify the border services officer. If you do to comply, you may be fined or sent to jail. These monies may be provided in the form of

bearer securities consisting of cash (for example, stocks, bonds, debentures, treasury bills)
Bankers’ drafts, checks, travelers’ cheques, and money orders are acceptable forms of payment.
Learn what to do if you are unable to obtain a bank statement.

The cost of living in Canada varies depending on where you choose to reside. Prepare financially by researching the cost of living in the city and province or territory where you intend to reside.

Medical examinations
Prior to submitting your application for a work visa, you should have a medical checkup if:

You’ve recently lived or traveled for at least six months in specific countries or territories, or you intend to work in the health profession, primary or secondary education, child care, or senior care.
You must visit a physician who has been authorized by IRCC (called a panel physician).

After the panel physician has concluded the physical examination:

You will receive a printout of information or an IMM 1017B Upfront Medical Report form.
Upload a copy of this document to the “Proof of medical exam” part of your document checklist. Upload the paper in the “Optional documents” area at the bottom of the checklist if you do not see this part.
If you do not complete this stage, we may deny your application or place medical limits on your work permit, preventing you from working in a position that requires a medical exam.

If you are unable to perform a medical exam before the deadline for submitting your application for a work permit, you may provide evidence that you have booked an appointment for one.

Your physical examination findings are valid for one year. Before receiving a medical checkup, you should wait until you are asked to apply so that your records do not expire.

Learn more about the criteria for medical exams.

Health coverage
You are not need to have health insurance to apply. You must possess it before to entering Canada. Your health insurance must cover you for the duration of your stay.

You should acquire a single insurance for the duration of your work visa. If this is not practicable, you can alternatively obtain two successive policies.

Your insurance must cover

medical care hospitalization repatriation
This covers the expense of transporting you to a medical institution and returning you or your remains to your native nation.
Before acquiring an insurance, inquire about the medical coverage offered.

If you do not have adequate coverage, Canada may deny you entrance.

We recommend that you delay purchasing health insurance until after you have received your port of entry letter of introduction.

What if my Canadian health insurance only covers part of my stay?
If your health insurance doesn’t survive your whole stay in Canada, your work permit will too.

If this happens, you can’t amend your work permit afterwards.

Police clearance
You’ll need police certifications for countries or territories where you’ve stayed 6 or more months since age 18.

Officers may request further police certifications when processing applications.

My police certificate expires when?
The certificate can’t be older than 6 months in the nation or territory where you live.

For any other nation or territory where you’ve spent 6 months or more, the certificate must be after you departed. You can utilize the certificate if you haven’t returned to the nation or area.

Police certificate uploading
Police certifications will have 1 upload field. If you have more than one certificate, put them all in one file.

If your police certificate has no date or number
If your police certificate doesn’t expire, choose a date at least a year after it was issued. Not quite 1 year.

No document number? Type N/A.

If you miss it
You can upload a police certificate if you can’t receive one in time.

a copy of your receipt or a snapshot of the confirmation page or email you received when you bought your police certificate online.
An officer will seek your police certificate through email. You must provide us the certificate by the requested date or your application will be denied.

Valid passport:

International Experience Canada application and entry/departure from Canada
Your work permit will expire with your passport. Your passport’s last page must be blank.

Photo digital
You must provide a picture.

This form asks about

[quads id=1]

stepchildren, adoptive kids
Electronic visa or travel permission
Depending on your citizenship, you’ll require an eTA or visiting visa. These materials are free.

When your work permit application is granted, you’ll instantly obtain an eTA. You’ll get a letter requesting your passport if you require a visiting visa.

Residentiary proof

In some circumstances, you must verify your citizenship. You must enter a residence or mailing address in your home country.

You’ll also need a residency certificate (certificato di residenza) if you’re an Italian citizen. Include a verified English or French translation. Upload the certificate and translation in your account’s Optional documents box.

Specific programs
Co-op (Internship)
Registration documents
You must present proof of enrollment from your school.

Job-related evidence
Submit a document:

intern contract

You, your employer, and your school sign this agreement. This must be included:
Title, duties, and start/end dates of the internship
full employer contact details
School letter
The letter must be on letterhead and include your topic of study.
Proof of schooling for NOC 2021 TEER 4 positions
We migrated to 2021 NOC on 11/16/2022. (NOC).

TEER category 4 jobs require a copy of your post-secondary

Upload it to your account’s Optional Documents section.

Recognized applicants

Organization acceptance letter
If you utilize a recognized organization (RO) and receive an invitation to apply, you may need to send the RO’s confirmation letter with your work permit application. This letter proves that a RO is assisting you travel or find job in Canada.

Check with your RO.

VIE letter applicants

Participating in France’s VIE program requires a certificate from Business France, the program’s manager. The participant and employer must be listed.

Fees due
Fees vary by IEC category.

Use the pay your fees tool to find out how much IEC application fees cost.

All participants
Pay the IEC fee. 2022 participation cost is CAN$156.

If you need biometrics, pay the cost with your IEC participation fee.

Participants in Working Holiday
Pay CAN$100 for an open work permit.

b) Young professionals and interns
Your employer must submit your offer of employment to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and pay a CAN$230 employer compliance charge (IRCC). Before submitting your work permit application, your employer must complete this step.

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IEC participation, open work permit, and employer compliance fees are refundable.

Your employer withdraws their offer of employment before your work permit is approved, or your work permit application is denied.
Your refund is automatic. If your application is denied or withdrawn, you’ll get it within 8 weeks. Your refund will be refunded to your credit card.

Keep your prepaid credit card for 18 months if you require a refund.

We’ll issue a check if we can’t reimburse your credit card.

Misrepresentation will result in no reimbursement (gave false information or left out important details).