FPJ's Batang Quiapo Episode 197 (November 16, 2023 Replay Episode)

FPJ’s Batang Quiapo Episode 197 (November 16, 2023 Replay Episode)

Episode 197: The Betrayal


Loyalty and betrayal clash in this episode of FPJ’s Batang Quiapo, as the characters grapple with the consequences of their actions. Rama is torn between his loyalty to his father and his love for his friends, while Joaquin struggles with the weight of his secret. Meanwhile, the syndicate’s plans for Quiapo are put into motion, and the city’s future hangs in the balance.


  • Coco Martin as Rama
  • Lito Lapid as Joaquin
  • Angelica Panganiban as Grace
  • Glaiza de Castro as Lolo Carding
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez as Don Emilio
  • Roi Vinzon as Pulong
  • Baron Geisler as Bruno
  • Sofia Pablo as Biboy
  • Jairus Aquino as Baldo


The episode begins with Rama and his friends celebrating their victory over the syndicate. However, their celebration is cut short when they are attacked by the syndicate’s goons. Rama is seriously injured in the attack, and his friends are forced to flee.

Joaquin is devastated by the attack and vows to get revenge on the syndicate. He seeks out Don Emilio, the syndicate’s leader, and offers to work for him in exchange for information about the attack. Don Emilio agrees to Joaquin’s request, and Joaquin begins to work his way up the syndicate’s ranks.

Meanwhile, Rama is recovering from his injuries and is determined to find out who attacked him. He begins to suspect that Joaquin is responsible, but he doesn’t have any proof.

As Rama and Joaquin investigate the attack, they come closer to the truth. However, they also come closer to each other, and their friendship is put to the test.


The episode ends with Rama and Joaquin confronting each other. Rama accuses Joaquin of being the traitor, but Joaquin denies it. The two friends are now at odds, and it is unclear what the future holds for them.

Additional Notes:

  • This episode was a major turning point in the series, as it marked the beginning of the rift between Rama and Joaquin.
  • The episode also featured a number of important plot developments, including the revelation of Joaquin’s secret and the syndicate’s plans for Quiapo.

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