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The November 1, 2023 episode of the Filipino series BATANG QUIAPO began with a flashback to when Joaquin (Joshua Garcia) was a child. He was being chased by a group of men when he was saved by a mysterious woman. The woman took Joaquin to her house and gave him food and shelter. She told Joaquin that he was special and that he had a great destiny ahead of him.

Back in the present, Joaquin is now a grown man and he is living in Quiapo, Manila. He is a skilled fighter and he is known for his bravery and his sense of justice. Joaquin is also a devout Catholic and he regularly attends Mass at the Quiapo Church.

One day, Joaquin is approached by a man named Don Emilio (Albert Martinez). Don Emilio is a wealthy businessman who is known for his shady dealings. Don Emilio tells Joaquin that he needs his help with a job. He wants Joaquin to protect his daughter, Olivia (Andrea Brillantes), from a group of men who are trying to kidnap her.

Joaquin agrees to help Don Emilio and he takes Olivia to his house. Olivia is initially reluctant to trust Joaquin, but she eventually warms up to him. Joaquin and Olivia begin to fall in love, but their relationship is complicated by the fact that Don Emilio is a criminal.

Meanwhile, the police are investigating a series of murders that have been taking place in Quiapo. The police believe that the murders are connected to a gang of criminals who are led by a man named Diablo (Christopher de Leon).


In the next episode, Joaquin will have to decide whether to stay with Olivia or to help the police catch Diablo. He will also have to face the truth about Don Emilio’s criminal activities.

The cast of BATANG QUIAPO includes:

  • Joshua Garcia as Joaquin
  • Andrea Brillantes as Olivia
  • Albert Martinez as Don Emilio
  • Christopher de Leon as Diablo
  • Dimples Romana as Aling Mita
  • Jestoni Alarcon as Father David
  • Xyriel Manabat as Emily
  • Ian Veneracion as Mayor Ramirez
  • Jaclyn Jose as Aling Lily
  • Smokey Manaloto as Mang Isko
  • Benjie Paras as Jojo
  • Lito Pimentel as Kapitan Ruben
  • Mark Anthony Fernandez as Diego

The show is directed by Malu L. Sevilla and it is written by Mark Angos and Aloy Adlawan. BATANG QUIAPO airs on ABS-CBN every weekday at 9:30 PM.

Batang Quiapo November 1 2023 Full Episode HD

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