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Batang quiapo

BATANG QUIAPO MARCH 12 2024 Replay Episode.

Premiering in March 2024 on gma network, FPJ’s Batang Quiapo (“Children of Quiapo”) captivated Filipino audiences with its gritty portrayal of life in Quiapo, Manila’s vibrant yet chaotic district. This action-packed drama series, inspired by the iconic Fernando Poe Jr. (FPJ) films, follows the struggles and triumphs of a young man named Joaquin Bordado, navigating the treacherous terrain of Quiapo’s underbelly.

Synopsis of Pinoytv Series Batang Quiapo

Joaquin, nicknamed “Aksyon” (Action), is a skilled but impulsive street hustler, raised in the labyrinthine streets of Quiapo. Witnessing his father’s wrongful imprisonment at a young age, Aksyon harbors a deep resentment for authority figures, particularly the corrupt police force. He finds solace and a sense of belonging in his brotherhood, the “Pusakal ng Quiapo” (Quiapo’s Wildcats), a group of young men who survive on petty crimes.

Aksyon’s life takes a dramatic turn when he encounters a mysterious woman named Malaya, a lawyer fighting for the rights of the marginalized. Malaya recognizes Aksyon’s potential for good and tries to steer him away from his criminal path. However, his loyalty lies with his gang, particularly their charismatic leader, Ramil “Tatang” (Boss) Cordero. Tatang, a complex figure, struggles between loyalty to his brothers and a yearning for a better life.

As Aksyon delves deeper into the criminal underworld, he uncovers a web of corruption involving a powerful syndicate led by the ruthless Don Ramon Mateo. Don Ramon, with his tentacles reaching into the police force and local government, exploits the desperation of Quiapo’s residents. Aksyon’s path inevitably collides with Don Ramon, forcing him to confront a harsh truth: his father’s imprisonment might not have been a random act but a deliberate ploy by the syndicate.


Fueling the narrative is a potent mix of action sequences, emotional drama, and social commentary. The series delves into the harsh realities of poverty, gang violence, and societal inequalities prevalent in Quiapo. It doesn’t shy away from portraying the moral ambiguity of certain characters, making them more than one-dimensional villains or heroes.

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The Cast of Pinoytv’s Batang Quiapo

  • Coco Martin as Joaquin “Aksyon” Bordado
  • Arra San Agustin as Malaya
  • John Arcilla as Ramil “Tatang” Cordero
  • Lito Pimentel as Don Ramon Mateo
  • Marc Abaya as Marlon Bordado, Aksyon’s father.
  • Miles Ocampo as Cheska, Aksyon’s childhood friend and confidante.
  • Joem Bascon as a corrupt police officer.
  • Joonee Avendaño as a loyal member of Tatang’s gang.

Inspirations and Influences

Batang Quiapo draws inspiration from the classic FPJ films, known for their action-packed storylines set against the backdrop of social issues. The series pays homage to these films through its fight choreography, dramatic gun battles, and Aksyon’s Robin Hood-esque persona as he defies authority and helps the downtrodden. Beyond action, Batang Quiapo delves into the social realities of Quiapo. The series sheds light on the district’s vibrant culture, juxtaposed with the struggles of its residents. It portrays the desperation that drives individuals to crime and the allure of gang life for those seeking belonging.

Themes and Social Commentary

The series tackles several critical themes, including:

  • Corruption: The narrative exposes how corruption within the police force and local government perpetuates the cycle of poverty and crime in Quiapo.
  • Poverty and Inequality: Batang Quiapo highlights the plight of the impoverished residents trapped in a seemingly inescapable cycle of desperation.
  • Redemption: Despite the bleak circumstances, the series offers a glimmer of hope through Aksyon’s journey. It explores the potential for individuals to break free from their past