ABOT KAMAY NA PANGARAP is a Philippine romantic drama television series that premiered on GMA Network on August 8, 2023. The series stars Jillian Ward, Aljur Abrenica, and Carmina Villarroel. It tells the story of RJ (Ward), a young woman who dreams of becoming a successful singer. However, her life is turned upside down when her father is killed in a hit-and-run accident and her mother is arrested for his murder. RJ is forced to take care of her younger siblings and work to support her family.


  • Jillian Ward as RJ Dela Cruz
  • Aljur Abrenica as Ace Soriano
  • Carmina Villarroel as Stella Dela Cruz
  • Gardo Versoza as Carlos Dela Cruz
  • Bianca Umali as Moira Dela Cruz
  • Joaquin Domagoso as Kenneth Dela Cruz
  • Sheryl Cruz as Olivia Soriano
  • Mark Herras as Ethan Soriano
  • Ashley Ortega as Maya Soriano
  • Ken Chan as Gabriel Soriano
  • Nikki Valdez as Anna Soriano
  • Mikee Quintos as Sarah Dela Cruz
  • Will Ashley as Daniel Soriano
  • Kristoffer Martin as Tony Dela Cruz
  • Princess Guevarra as Linda Dela Cruz
  • Analyn Barro as Mrs. Soriano

Recap of October 5, 2023 Replay Episode:

RJ is finally able to audition for the singing competition that she has been dreaming of. She gives a stellar performance and impresses the judges. Moira is also competing in the competition, and she is determined to beat RJ. Moira uses her connections to try to sabotage RJ’s audition, but RJ is able to overcome the challenges and advance to the next round.

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Ace is still trying to win RJ’s heart. He gives her a gift and tells her that he believes in her. RJ is touched by Ace‘s gesture, but she is still hesitant to get involved with him. She is still grieving the death of her father and is worried about her siblings.

Stella is released from prison after being cleared of all charges. She is happy to be reunited with her children, but she is still struggling to cope with the loss of her husband. She tries to be strong for her children, but she is often overwhelmed.

Overall, the October 5, 2023 replay episode of ABOT KAMAY NA PANGARAP was a heartwarming and emotional episode. It was great to see RJ finally achieve her dream of auditioning for the singing competition. It was also touching to see Ace’s support for RJ, even though she is still hesitant to get involved with him. Stella’s struggle to cope with the loss of her husband was also a heartbreaking storyline.

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