Abot Kamay Na Pangarap: Episode 373(November 17,2023)

Abot Kamay Na Pangarap: Episode 373(November 17,2023)


The episode begins with Moira (Jillian Ward) desperately pleading with her father, Lander (Gian Magdangal), to reconsider his decision to sell their family’s company, APEX. Moira believes that there is still hope for the company and that they shouldn’t give up on it so easily. However, Lander is adamant about selling APEX, believing that it is the only way to save their family from financial ruin.

Meanwhile, Giselle (Dina Bonnevie) and Pepe (Leo Martinez) continue their investigation into how Lander was able to acquire APEX despite having a low net worth. They discover that Lander used a shell company to purchase the company, and they are determined to find out who is behind the shell company.

As the episode progresses, the tension between Moira and Lander escalates. Moira is angry with her father for making decisions without consulting her, and she feels like she is being shut out of the family business. Lander, on the other hand, is frustrated by Moira’s naivety and her lack of understanding of the business world.

The episode ends with a cliffhanger, as Moira makes a decision that could have major consequences for the future of APEX.


  • Jillian Ward as Moira
  • Richard Yap as David
  • Carmina Villarroel as Lynette
  • Andre Paras as Samuel
  • Dominic Ochoa as Alex
  • Pinky Amador as Olivia
  • Ariel Villasanta as Mang Justo
  • Wilma Doesnt as Lola Flora
  • Leo Martinez as Pepe
  • Dina Bonnevie as Giselle
  • Gian Magdangal as Lander

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